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Personal Mentorship

We understand the challenges you face by relocating to another country or branching out as a Digital Nomad or an Investor in a new region. We want you to make the most of this opportunity. Portugal is a great country to live in, to work on, to invest and to spend some time. It’s very peaceful, safe and filled with welcoming people that will make feel you belong in no time. Our institutions are world-class, our infrastructure is that of an European country and we have simple, seamless access to all of Europe.

The practical aspects of living in Portugal, the cultural features, the local and national specificities and the most immediate needs made us realize that our clients should have a very close and personal support from Aupax-Capital.

We decided to create the Personal Mentorship Program. Even before you arrive, we will assign a Personal Mentor to you, set up a set of three Zoom Calls and go over all the details and practical points about your case. Since each person is different, we will make time to answer your main doubts and even research a few outstanding points you wish to see cleared before you make the final steps.

So do contact us and request information on the Mentorship Program. We are here to help!