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Fiscal Advisory

The development of commercial and investment activities in Portugal must fulfil a number of regulatory requirements (including fiscal compliance). The Portuguese tax system is stable, presenting some advantages for foreign investment. Being up to date with regulations is a key factor.

Aupax-Capital is your single point of contact for fiscal advisory. We work with experts in the field, able to perform the following services:

  • Setting up investment vehicles, fiscal compliant companies, personal tax registration
  • Submission of regular taxes according to the activity and turnover of the company:
    • Corporation tax
    • Value added tax
    • Tax on Property Conveyances and Documented Legal Acts
    • Intrastat declarations
    • Withholding tax returns
    • Settlement of taxes on the purchase and sale of property
  • Resolution of tax queries arising in the course of the normal activity of the company
  • Purchase and/or liquidation of companies
  • Recovery of intra-community VAT
  • Trust services
  • Tax deferment formalities
  • Obtaining and monitoring the Electronic Mailbox to be used by the Revenue Office to communicate with the taxpayers.