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Real Estate Management and Monetization

Real Estate Management

Hiring a third-party real estate management company can reduce your overhead and will typically be a stress-free approach to passive income from your investment.

Real estate management is utilized for any type of rental property, including residential rentals or commercial real estate. The management company helps manage the daily operations of the rental property or portfolio of properties on behalf of the landlord. The manager oversees rental operations as well as the upkeep of the property and coordinates the buying and selling of a property with a real estate agent.

Aupax-Capital will manage all aspects of your properties, from screening prospective tenants to collecting rent. We handle all the maintenance requests from the tenant and will hire the appropriate service to repair any issues. we are a one-stop shop for all of your landlord needs.

Real Estate Development

As a partner or as a full promoter, Aupax-Capital has over 20 year experience in the Real Estate Development field in Portugal. We can help you realize your vision and manage your portfolio of projects.

Real Estate Rehabilitation

With a long vibrant history, with almost two centuries of peace in the territory, with virtually no wars and no severe natural disasters since the 18th century, Portugal has a very rich legacy of classic buildings, alongside impressive new architecture. There are unique opportunities for Rehabilitation projects with local and national program grants and great market value.

Aupax-Capital can support your Rehabilitation plans, from procurement, to planning, to licensing, to rehabilitation works and selling.