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Equity Investment Advisory

Portugal offers new and exciting investment opportunities. Cities like Lisbon, Oeiras, Porto or Aveiro have become important innovation hubs with a thriving ecosystem of startups, universities, VCs and entrepreneurs. Attractive fiscal incentives to investment are in place, creating the right environment for growth.

Lisbon is the host of the Web Summit International Conference, that hosts thousands of startups and leading tech companies from around the world in November each year.

More traditional sectors are also vibrant. There are interesting opportunities in Services, Tourism, Mobility, Sea Economy, Cybersecurity, Real Estate, Public Infrastructure, Defence, Telcos, Fintechs, nad Private Health Sector, among others.

With Aupax-Capital you have access to expert knowledge and comprehensive research. The desired information supply for the respective investment decision is ensured quickly, directly and flexibly. We draw on both internal and external research for the benefit of our clients.

Our team has advised on both the buyer’s and seller’s side of numerous transactions for strategic and financial investors.

Our work covers a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including in areas such as:

  • acquisitions
  • takeovers and mergers
  • private equity
  • corporate reorganisations, mergers and spin-offs
  • foreign direct investment
  • joint ventures
  • management buyouts
  • corporate governance